Always a good day in IT when you get a reported phishing email, and the linked site has already been reported and taken down.

Heroes of the Internet.

Today I messed up a tar command. Instead of dumping a folder in a .tar.gz, I put every file in every subfolder in a tar.gz then the folder in a tar.gz

Not sure how I did that, but it confused the hell out of Desktop support. Time to go back to class for tar commands......

And again....
6) Installing off a 10.14 USB stick..... Same failure.

Time to get lunch.... 6/8

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Always get a warm fuzzy when pops up with this on my sites:

I've heard this crap Add on youtube. "Military Grade Encryption" is always a trash fire:

It's more or less:

Err by account I mean owner of the service.

So lastly, why a stand alone instance. It seems silly, you're just that more disconnected from the "Social" part of social media.

Do you just want an off switch?

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On the other hand, one can not run their own twitter. It's just an account you make, like a bank or amazon or cell phone account.

It's nice to have one, but is it fun? Or just another utility?

Well, that and everything you type is owned by that account:

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Social Media, not really my thing. I've never had a particular desire to shout into the wind, speak like an infallible expert or some topic "guru".

Often it seems like this:

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